this past weekend I hopped on a bus


to help my girlfriend somerby do this –


basically, she had an engagement shoot with these folks – leah and tom, a very nice couple who found somer through the wonders of the internet. a shoot in a scenic new locale and an excuse to spend a weekend in new york? we’re in. it was an awesome weekend full of old friends and lots of things to do with not nearly enough time to do them, which is sadly almost always the case anywhere you seem to go.


the main part of the engagement shoot was in and around central park. having never explored it before, it’s pretty striking how green the area really is. hard to believe you’re in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world, standing there.


tom and leah.


poached somerby’s shot per her request. love it.


the shoot ended near sunset on the high line in manhattan.


somer was doing her thing, and i was a tourist taking pictures of tourists.


end of day one, on the subway at one in the morning after some celebrating some reunions. new york has this really shitty habit of stealing some of my favorite people in my life over the years. the latest of which is being this man and his girlfriend, my good friend and brother conor. they graciously hosted us for the weekend. thanks dudes!


subways at one in the morning play host to many closed eyes.


20150613-DSCF1197any city we go to, somerby makes it a point to see the botanical gardens there. brooklyn was no exception. i liked these thorns.





it’s a really pretty place. somer was in her happy place in a big way.


then this kid tried to jump into a fountain!


later that saturday night, playing pool at my friends’ favorite spot, the second chance saloon.


more subway rides.


sunday’s trip was to a place i’ve always wanted to go to, the museum of natural history. being raised on history and loving nature growing up, i was in heaven! almost three hours there and i feel like we didn’t even scrape the surface. i was too busy being a little kid in awe to take too many pictures. here are some wild african dogs.


i loved dinosaurs so much as a kid. i was looking at dinosaur fossils for at least an hour. seeing an actual fossil of a t-rex ruled!



around this point my camera battery died, because i forgot to charge it. woops! thus, the end.


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