hello there.

i thought a nice blog re-vamp and refresh would be a good idea and so far, i’m happy with it. i’ve had the same look on my blog for at least five years, sometimes change really is the way to go. so, life. it’s thrown a lot at me and taken me a lot of places lately, both good and bad. the weather has warmed, and summer is about to be in full swing so spirits are high and it’s the best time of year. my last post being mainly about winter, i’m happy to report that everything’s looking a bit brighter this time. so…… –

fraga, at the silhouette.


arjun, pre-meal at lone star.


pando & sam. a late-night (or early morning, really) at pando’s place after closing down the bar is very interesting.


spring happened, which meant opening day happened, which if you know me you know is one of the happiest days of the year for me. i was ecstatic to take in yet another beautiful fenway home opener with a delicious sausage and my friend alyson. piss off, winter.


keytar bear letting someone else take over on opening day.


i took a “daycation” with somerby to portland, maine in april. a beautiful town. if your town has a tasty mexican place, i’m going there. pictured: tasty mexican place.


there’s a bar in portland named “grace” that is a church. this bar is in the middle of where the pews would have been. unique for sure and the drink was +.


shakey graves, state theater.


softball mode pando hyping up the crew.


proud mom, chandra and little meowgi.


somerby doing her thing in vermont.


say hello to your mother for me.


somerby with a scenic ending to both a wedding and to a blog post.

thanks, as always for looking and reading. hope you enjoyed it. we’ll be in touch.


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