Austin, TX



this post will be a brave new adventure for my blog, as it is comprised entirely of pictures i shot with my phone! how daring! how avant garde!

so. last weekend i traveled to austin, texas for a few days with my girlfriend. as i’ve heard from many people, it’s a very nice, unique little place.

here’s a a pretty brief mix of touristy photographs i took while in the legendary “ATX”.


after a few days, this bus stop started feeling like a close friend with the amount of waiting we did at it.

botanical garden walk

this is the angriest looking flora i’ve ever encountered.



barton springs is a very unique and beautiful place. especially for kids from massachusetts who left 15 degree weather in january to see it.


here’s somerby eating a sandwich. i took a lot of photos of somer eating things. she wouldn’t like most of them. i think she didn’t mind this one though.


this bird was a big fan of watching somer eat, as well.


vintage shops were plentiful,each with all sorts of colorful “artifacts”. (if this is vintage, what does that make hugh hefner?)




this was an interesting find at the history museum. my grandfather was in the 36th texas infantry division in world war two, even though he was a kid from new england. this would have been almost the same helmet he wore.


the remainder of this post will be the most honest representation of our weekend in austin: food.


if eating tacos was a competitive sport, somer and myself would be olympic level athletes right now.


the lone star waffle.

so, all in all, it was a pretty radical little trip. thanks for taking a look!


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