new things.

is this thing still on?

it’s the same every time i make a new post – i think to myself, wow, it sure has been a while, time flies! and then i type that, and realize that i’m pretty sure that i write that same stupid flow of thought every time i post in this neglected photo blog. i’m a creature of habit, what can i say.

i want to make excuses for why i never post photographs in this thing. excuses like “film’s too expensive”, or “i’m so busy”, or even “i’m just not inspired and i don’t know what to do with a camera anymore”, but who would say such things? certainly not me. some other asshole.

anyway, here’s a few new ones.


jaimie and the woods.



dana and a brick wall.


somerby and the woods.


colin and a road trip van covered in inappropriate wallpaper.

so, thanks for looking.


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